OC Starbucks vs. LA Starbucks

General Observations on an Orange County Starbucks compared to an LA Starbucks

1-More Hawaiian Shirts

2-More Frappuccinos, more whip, more sugar

3-Less screenwriters and screenwriting hopefuls, more post-retirement first-time entrepreneurs (equal chances of shit not panning out)

4-More talking across the room to each other and not giving a shit that everyone hears them

5-Less “came from the gym” ensembles

6-Bigger & cheaper laptops (paradoxically)

7-Higher BMI’s and more grey hair

8-Less “ironic” employees and more career employees

9-More parking spaces and shiny shoes

10-Less distressed boots and converse and Wayfarers propped on people’s heads

11-Equally annoying in their own ways.