Wrestle Mania – The Whistling Fire – January 2014

Live Action Regret – The Weekly Rumpus – January 2014

Part Of A We – Lit Central OC (excerpt) – February 2014

The System Of Things – The Nervous Breakdown – March 2014

Being Found – MARY: A Journal Of New Writing – May 2014

Santa Ana – Glimmer Train “Family Matters” Contest Top 25 – June 2014

Lit Central OC Blog – Senior Contributor

8 Ways To Work On Your Writing Without Writing – January 2104

Writing From The End Of The Line: An Interview with William Hillyard – February 2014

You Wrote ‘The End’ But Are You Finished? – March 2014

How To Get The Most Out Of Workshop Critiques – April 2014

Filling In The Gaps: A Interview With Victoria Patterson – May 2014

A Girls Guide To Linked Story Collections – July 2014

What Writers Should Know Before Attending A Workshop Retreat – August 2014

Writers On Writing: 4 Must-Watch YouTube Videos – October 2014

My Top Four Indy Bookstores Around Orange County – November 2014

How To Start A Reading Series – January 2015

Coachella Review Articles – Prose Editor 2012 – Associate Editor 2010-2011

When You’re Somewhere In The Middle: A Review Of Jim Gavin’s Middle Men – 2014

A Conversation With Edan Lepucki

A Conversation With Stephen Graham Jones

A Conversation With Dylan Landis

A Conversation With Steve Almond

Interview with Natashia Deon, Emerging Voices Fellow

Interview with Josh Rolnick, Author of Pulp & Paper

Interview with Rebecca Swarzlose, Pushcart Nominee

Interview with Yennie Chung, Hipster Book Club Creator

The New Novel-In-Stories: What “Goon Squad” Taught Me About Linked Collections

There’s An App for That: 10 Best Reading & Writing Apps for iPad


No Extra Words – Fiction Podcast – 2016

Dirty Laundry Literature – Silverlake Jubilee – 2012

Beyond Baroque Reading – Featured Reader – 2013 – Hosted By David Slavin

The New Short Fiction Series – Emerging Voices Group Show – May 2014

Tongue & Groove Reading Series – Los Angeles – Scheduled for July 2104

Artsy Fartsy Long Beach Blog – appeared in print in Union Weekly or Daily 49er

Marukami At MOCA  – December 2007



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